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Q. What is Herbalife?

A. Herbalife is a Health and Nutrition Company, founded in 1980.   .

It's headquarters are in Los Angeles USA.

Herbalife has offices in over 90 countries.

Herbalife manufactures all its products under strict guidelines of safety using the best ingredients.

Herbalife has a Nutrition Advisory Board consisting of Doctors, Scientists, Nutritionists and other leading health experts.

Herbalife is a public company listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)


Q Where can I buy Herbalife products from?

A. Herbalife products are available only from Independent Herbalife Distributors.

Your Herbalife Distributor will be able to sell you the products direcly to you-wherever you are in the world via the Herbalife offices/warehouses in 90 countries!

Contact  your Herbalife Distributor via this website!


Q Are Herbalife products approved by the FDA?

A  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has evaluated the Herbalife Program and declared all of the Herbalife products as safe.

However, it is worth mentioning that the FDA does not actually approve any nutritional product or food supplement,

only drugs, medications and medical devices.Herbalife products are not drugs.


Q Who is a Herbalife Independent Distributor?

A. A Herbalife Independent Distributor is a registered member of Herbalife who operates independently -but under the guidelines of Herbalife.


Q. Are the Herbalife products available in shops?

A. No. The Herbalife products are not available in shops only Independent Herbalife Distributors are allowed to sell the products.

Herbalife is the manufacturer of the products and the distributors are the only ones allowed to sell the products.


Q Can I get a discount for the Herbalife products?

A. Contact your Herbalife Distributor to find out how to become a Member (by registering officially for a discount)


Q What is the Herbalife products range?

A. Herbalife has Health and Nutrition products for general wellness, weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition, targeted health products for health heart, bones, digestion etc.

Herbalife also has a range of Skin Care, Body Care and Hair Care products


Q How can I lose weight on Herbalife weight loss products?

A. Herbalife is the easiest way to lose weight safely and effectively.

Supplement two of your meals with our well balanced FORMULA # 1 (shake), eat 1 balanced meal and use our vitamins, minerals and Herbal tea and other wonderful products.

You won't feel hungry- on the contrary nutritionally satisfied!

Our shake is calorie controlled hence you will lose weight getting all the nutrition in balance-daily!


Q. How long will it take me to lose weight?

A. Most of our customers lose about half to one kilo per week-depending on their metabolism and the Herbalife weight loss program they choose.


Q Can I use Herbalife nutrition products if I am on medication?

A. Herbalife nutrition products are food in a different form -not medications.

If you are allowed to eat food-you can eat the products!


Q I have seen a lot of Herbalife products on other online stores (e.g EBAY, etc) which offer discounts, can I buy from them?

A Firstly, authentic Herbalife products are only available from Herbalife distributors who will make sure you get the latest fresh products.

NO guarantees are given for products sold on auction sites offering discounts.

Contact your Herbalife distributor for a price list and order authentic products from them only.

If you see any discounts being offered please copy the link and send it to us via the Contact us form.


Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us with your query and we will be happy to answer it!